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Keep This in the Freezer and You’ll Always Be Ready to Host a Dinner Party

Keep This in the Freezer and You’ll Always Be Ready to Host a Dinner Party

There’s no need for any dinner party to ever be a rushed disaster if you keep this one ingredient on hand

Add some frozen shrimp to spaghetti for a wonderful dinner party dish.

We’ve all been there: We invited friends over for a dinner party, and then totally forgot about it until we got home from work, and our guests’ arrival is scarily imminent. To save you from any future embarrassment, from having to order take-out instead of cooking, from having to cancel your dinner party five minutes before it’s due to start, or from serving your leftovers from yesterday’s dinner, you just need to keep one simple ingredient in your freezer: shrimp.

Frozen shrimp may not sound like a particularly exciting dinner party delicacy, but this ingredient is all you need to transform a disaster dinner into a tasty success. Shrimp are so versatile, and we are pretty certain that you’ll already have the other ingredients you need ready to transform them into a substantial and tasty meal. Our favorite way to serve them is to cook some spaghetti, chop up whatever herbs you happen to have (or use dried ones), cook your shrimp, maybe add some tomato sauce if you have any, and squeeze lemon over the top for a wonderful, elegant bowlful of shrimp pasta.

Alternatively, dig out the risotto rice from your cupboard, cook the rice until it is a creamy consistency, and then throw in the shrimp and continue to heat until they’re cooked through: No one ever turned their nose up at a shrimp risotto.

If you don’t have any carbohydrates in your cupboard then grill the shrimp and serve them with a simple salad or some roasted vegetables — or whatever you happen to have on hand. These frozen shellfish are perfect for taking center stage at your almost disastrous dinner party, or for adding a touch of refinement and elegance to an otherwise underwhelming meal. A bag of shrimp kept in the freezer will ensure that you really are always ready to host a dinner party.