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Desert cake Iustina

Desert cake Iustina

I bought a 3 kg net of oranges and I used them all, they had a pretty thick skin.

Countertop: I used a 24/32 cm tray lined with baking paper. I mixed the egg whites with a pinch of salt well until I got a hard foam. I mixed the yolks with the sugar until the sugar melted, then I added the orange juice and flour and I mixed, at the end I incorporated the beaten egg whites, with slow movements from bottom to top. I put the composition in the tray, I leveled and then I put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees set with the function for baking countertops (electric oven), I set 23 mim as baking time. After the top was baked, I took it out of the oven and let it cool while I made the cream.

Cream: We take the butter out of the fridge in the evening, I cut it into small pieces and let it soften until the next day when I made the cream. I mixed the butter well then I added the flour sugar and I continued to mix until I got a fine foam. I hydrated the gelatin with 3 tablespoons of orange juice. Separately I squeezed the oranges until I got 300 ml of juice. In a stainless steel bowl I put the 2 yolks, the 2 tablespoons of sugar and orange juice, I mixed and I put the bowl on the steam bath, I mixed continuously for about 20 minutes, then I took the bowl off the heat and added hydrated gelatin mixing well. To reduce the cooling time, I put the bowl in the sink with cold water and stirred until the mixture was tempered enough to be able to incorporate it into the soft butter. I put 2 tablespoons mixed for 1 minute, then mixed 2 tablespoons again, until I incorporated the whole mixture of egg + sugar + orange juice + gelatin. I got a frothy and delicious cream.

I squeezed the rest of the oranges and strained the juice, I didn't strain the juice with the cream, I left it like that with parts of the pulp. With the obtained juice I syruped the top after I cut it in two. I placed the first part of the countertop, I syruped it then I spread half of the cream, over which I put the second syrupy countertop, I spread the rest of the cream and I decorated it with half of orange and dark chocolate coins. Now it stays cool until tomorrow when I cut it.

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I received these wonderful awards from L ILI and DIAN @ and I want to thank them with all my heart because they are my first awards, which makes me very happy. In my turn, I want to give them sc with great pleasure:
Prizes are conditional:
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And now the 10 wishes:
Let's all be healthy
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May our parents be healthy and have a long life
Let's be better with each other
Let's be united for better and for worse (relatives, friends, neighbors, etc ..)
Let's fix our country house faster, let's go there on the weekend for fresh air, for a barbecue and a coffee with us in the yard
To retire to return to the city of soul, Rm. Vilcea
Let's go to Moldova in the summer
And. on Monday I start a weight loss diet: to lose 4-5 kg ​​(I have 70 kg) .. :))


Thank you very much, Nely. If you don't mind, I only picked up the prizes I didn't have, I already posted some of them a while ago. I wish you a beautiful week and thank you for thinking of me.

Nely, thank you very much. If you don't mind, I will re-edit the post with these prizes and I will put your name. I hope you do not mind. Have a nice Sunday.

Thank you very much for. awards, Nely, both on my behalf and on behalf of my friend and blog partner, Janet. Well yes, there are two of us on the blog. And we fraternally share any prize.
And I'm so sorry I can't pick up the prizes, they won't let me copy them. I don't know how to do it.

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