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Pork and turkey sarmale

Pork and turkey sarmale

We cut the pork and the turkey leg (boneless and without skin) into small pieces and pass it through the meat machine. Finely chop the onion. Add the cleaned and washed rice, salt, pepper, hot smoked paprika, thyme and mix well. Let the mixture rest for at least 1/2 hour in the cold, during which time we prepare the cabbage. We open the sheets and leave them in cold water depending on how salty they are. Drain the sheets and portion into 2-3 pieces. On each piece we place 1 teaspoon with the top of the composition and roll it. Place the sarmales in concentric circles on a layer of finely chopped cabbage in a cast iron pan, alternating with tomato paste. Place another layer of cabbage on top. Between the layers we place the bay leaves and a little thyme. Cover with warm water, bring to a boil, then put the pan in the oven over low heat, covered with a lid and leave until the juice drops and the cabbage is soft.

Serve the hot stuffed cabbage with polenta, sour cream and hot peppers.

Sarmale with buckwheat and rice

Sarmale with buckwheat and rice recipes: how to cook sarmale with buckwheat and rice and the tastiest recipes for buckwheat and mushroom sarmale, buckwheat sarmale, salmon with rice and vegetables, broccoli with rice and cheese, buckwheat flour recipes, buckwheat cake, sarmale with ghebe, dietary sarmale with mushrooms, rice with plain milk, Chinese rice with chicken.

Sarmale with buckwheat and ghebe

Foods with vegetables and greens * 150 g buckwheat * 300 g ghebe * 2 onions * 2 carrots * 200 ml tomato juice * 1 bunch green parsley * sauerkraut leaves * vine leaves * green thyme * sunflower oil * salt * pepper

Buckwheat with milk

Vegetarian recipes - half a cup of buckwheat - 2 cups of milk - sugar or honey - cinnamon

Bread with nuts and buckwheat

Bakery and confectionery products, Bread for cakes. bread with nuts and buckwheat we need: -1 cube of yeast / 1 sachet of dry yeast (7 grams) -50 ml of warm water -75 gr. buckwheat flour -75 gr. walnut flour - whole wheat flour as it contains -1 teaspoon salt -1 sugar powder

Meat rolled in cabbage leaves

Meat dishes, Meals with vegetables and greens a cabbage 500g minced veal a cup of rice (200g rice) 4 onions 2 carrots a little celery dill thyme salt pepper paprika oil tomato paste or broth spices for sarmale a little vegetable water

Sarmale In The Clay Pot

New Year's Eve, Christmas, Meat dishes 1kg minced pork (preferably neck) 300 grams beef 1 large sauerkraut 2 large onions 1 cup rice (uncooked) 200 grams smoked ribs / smoked neck broth salt ground pepper pepper peppercorns thyme thyme spices for sarmale

Buckwheat garnish with fish sauce

Fish dishes a buckwheat cup 2 cups water a onion fish heads (head tail) a carrot a parsnip 2 cloves garlic salt pepper oregano bay leaf

Buckwheat pilaf

Foods with vegetables -2 glasses of buckwheat -3 glasses of water -1 finely chopped green peppers -1 medium-sized onions -3 medium-sized tomatoes -1 cube of mage -olive oil -frozen mixed vegetables -salt to taste (I put a teaspoon) -fresh pepper.


Meat dishes 2 kilograms of meat mixture pork with beef a cup of rice spices for cabbage 4 onions, delicately bacon eggs 2 bay leaves and a few peppercorns.


Meat dishes 1 kg of minced pork 5 finely chopped onions 3 finely chopped peppers dill 1 sachet spice for sarmale 3 cabbages 250 g rice delicate pepper salt paprika 250 ml dried dill broth dried thyme

Vegan Pancakes With Buckwheat And Chocolate Sauce

Sweets, Dessert, Vegan for pancakes: 1 and 1/4 cup buckwheat flour 1/2 cup rice flour 1 tablespoon arorut flour 1 cup soy milk 1 and 1/2 cup water 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon coconut oil flaxseed sauce.

Meatballs with buckwheat and vegetables in poppy crust

Appetizers, Appetizers with vegetables * 200 g buckwheat * 200 g poppy seeds * 2 small pumpkins * 2 carrots * 2 eggs * 1 teaspoon semolina * 1 small onion * 1 clove garlic * a few sprigs of green parsley * a little green thyme * sea salt * pepper

Sarmale with pork

Meat dishes 3 medium pickled cabbage 1 kg. minced pork 5 large onions broth bay leaves pepper sarmale spices sachet thyme rice about two medium cups of coffee.

Stuffed cabbage

Meat dishes 1.5 kg sour cabbage 1/2 kg pork 1/2 beef 2 tablespoons fat 100 g rice, 100 gr carrots 2 eggs 100 g onion pepper, spice for sarmale a tablespoon bullion a bay leaf thyme dill 1 cup borscht.

Sarmale in pumpkin

Meat dishes, Christmas recipes - 500 gr beef - rice - onion - parsley - smoked bacon - tomato paste - a little rice - sauerkraut.

Bread with cereal flakes and buckwheat flour

400 g white wheat flour 300 g whole wheat flour 200 g buckwheat flour 100 g mix of cereal flakes (wheat, rye, barley, oats) 14 g dry yeast (or 50 g fresh yeast) 1 tablespoon grated salt 650 ml of warm water

Sarmale with mushrooms and almonds

Fasting recipes, Food, Christmas 50 pcs. 3-4 pickled cabbages, 500 gr. mushrooms, 200 gr. almonds, 3 carrots, 6 onions 3 cups rice, 3 tablespoons olive oil, spices especially for sarmale, white pepper, thyme, 1 teaspoon of delicate vegetables, salt if needed (1 teaspoon), 4.

Sarmale in cabbage

Meat dishes 2 medium cabbages, vinegar, coarse salt

a, 100 gr.c ^ arnat optional 2 grated carrots 1 small red chopped aredei 2 chopped onions 1 glass of rice spices for sarmale: m

Fasting sarmale with mushrooms and rice

Fasting recipes, Vegetarian recipes (approx. 40-45 sarmale): 1 sauerkraut (medium to large size) 6-7 large mushrooms (approx. 500 - 600 gr.) 200 gr. rice 2 small carrots (or 1 large) 2-3 onions 1 bunch dill 4-6 tablespoons red pasta (or 6-8 larger tomatoes) & icircn.

Chicken hammers with buckwheat and vegetables

Meals, Meat dishes 800 ml water + 4 teaspoons vegeta chicken flavor (for soup) 1 teaspoon vegeta chicken flavor for hammers 8 hammers chicken 300 gr buckwheat 3 tablespoons oil 1 link green onion (

5 threads) chopped 1 diced red bell pepper 1 large mushroom.

Sarmale from sauerkraut with beef

Meat dishes we need: -1 pickled cabbage head -500 grams of ground beef -1 cup of rice (scalded with hot water and washed well) -1 finely chopped onion -green parsley leaf -c seasoning for sarmale -boia sweet pepper - salt to taste.

Delicious Sarmale With Mushrooms And Meat

Meat dishes 2-3 pickled cabbages, 1kg. minced meat mixture (pork and beef), 500gr. mushrooms, 2 large starters, 200gr. rice (put as much rice as you want I don't like sarmales with a lot of rice) 3 tablespoons olive oil 300gr. , piper, foi de.

Transylvanian sarmale for Christmas

Beef, Pork, Minced meat 800 g minced pork 200 g minced beef 5 slices smoked bacon 2 onions 2 tablespoons oil 100 g rice 300 ml broth salt pepper dried dill thyme 1 tablespoon paprika paprika cabbage leaves bay

Sarmale with rice and mushrooms

Foods with vegetables 1 large sauerkraut (own production) 3 cups rice 1 can of mushrooms (not fresh) 2 tablespoons ground thyme 1 dill leg 1 carrot 2 suitable onions 2 tablespoons broth 1 cup tomato juice salt pepper

First we prepare the cabbage leaves and chopped cabbage. Then chop the meat, a mixture of lean pork and bacon.

Chop the onion leaves and dried onions and together with the rice we put them to harden in tuci, heat approx. 15 min, stirring so that the rice does not stick. Then pour the onion and rice over the minced meat, mix and season with salt and pepper. After that we start to fold the sarmales, we take a cabbage leaf a little meat and we wrap the sarmala. I had 70 sarmales that were not very big, enough to bite them twice. I sent 30 sarmales to my mother-in-law, not to get along with her, because I'm fine anyway.

After folding all the stuffed cabbage, mix the chopped cabbage with the mixture of tomatoes and peppers, cut the pieces of smoked meat and the pieces of bacon. Then we start to put in the pan, a layer of cabbage, then a layer of cabbage, a layer of cabbage, smoked meat, chopped cabbage, cabbage and on top of chopped cabbage. From the flour and water, knead a dough that we spread to the size of the pan, place it as a lid and prick the lid from place to place. Put the pan in the oven tray, pour the water into the pan and let it boil in the oven over medium heat for approx. 4 hours, from time to time we check to have water in the tray. That's about all the philosophy this year.

Sausages made of turkey and pork

Sausages made of turkey and pork from: turkey meat, pork neck, bacon, garlic, paprika, salt, pepper, marjoram.


  • 1 kg of turkey meat
  • 1 kg breaded pork neck
  • 800 g raw bacon
  • 2 heads of garlic
  • paprika
  • salt
  • pepper
  • marjoram

Method of preparation:

Peel a squash, grate it and chop it. You put the pork and bacon through the mincer. Mix the two meat compositions, add the garlic sauce, ground pepper, paprika, crushed marjoram and salt to taste.

Fill well-washed intestines, which can be pork or mutton. Then put the sausages in the air, to simmer well for 1-2 days, then put them in the smoker, in hot smoke, for 3-4 hours.

Method of preparation

Wash the sauerkraut and squeeze well, then cut the cabbage leaves, and keep the middle for chopping.

Mix the minced meat well with finely chopped greens, finely chopped onion, rice, salt and pepper to taste, add thyme and a little tomato paste, 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil. Put a tablespoon of filling on each cabbage leaf, roll and squeeze well at the ends (lightly stuff the ends with your finger, inside the sarmalute, place them next to each other in a bowl, preferably clay or tuci, put a piece of smoked meat between them, put a thin layer of chopped cabbage on top of the sauerkraut (left in the middle of the sauerkraut), dilute 2 tablespoons of tomato paste with water and a little oil and pour over the sauerkraut cover them a little, put 2-3 bay leaves and put them in the oven, over low heat, until golden brown, about 45 minutes.

Chocolate cake

In a bowl sift the cocoa flour, powdered sugar, baking powder, baking soda and a

Pork jelly

For New Year's Eve, we prepared pork meatballs. The pork ear is parched and washed well. it

Christmas sarmale recipe & # 8211 with meat in sweet cabbage leaves

Sarmale for Christmas

Sarmale ingredients in sweet cabbage leaves:

  • 1 kg minced pork
  • 110 grams of rice
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 2 onions
  • 2 tablespoons lard (or oil)
  • 100 g tomato / tomato broth / paste
  • 1 large sweet cabbage
  • pepper
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • dill
  • thyme.

How to prepare sarmale in sweet cabbage leaves:

Sweet cabbage is pre-scalded in salted water. Choose fatter pork (leg, rib, neck) and pass it once through the mincer. The minced meat is mixed with the cleaned and washed rice in a few waters, very small diced onions, pepper, salt, finely chopped bay leaves and 100 ml of water. It is very important to add water to the filling.

The cabbage leaves are cut by selecting the pieces in which the meat can be packed. Put the cabbage leaf in your left hand, place some meat near your wrist and roll the cabbage leaf with your right hand. The left hand is squeezed to prevent the cabbage tube from unfolding, and with the fingers of the right hand the edges of the cabbage leaf are pressed inwards and thus the sarma is formed.

The sarmales are boiled in large containers lined with cabbage leaves, in which they are arranged concentrically, in successive layers in the shape of a snail. Put water (so as to cover the sarmales), tomato paste and two tablespoons of lard (oil) over the last layer of sarmale. The smoke is placed among the sarmale, as well as the dill, the bay leaves and the thyme. After boiling for the first time, the sarmales are left to simmer for 2 hours.

Roast beef

roast beef
If you like sausages, you can try to cook them at home. You mainly need meat and spices, and the dish will be ready in about two hours. Ingredients for smoked sausages 700 gr beef 2 & tailcoat12 kg pork 70 gr garlic 2 pieces peppers [..] Other information about: garlic, pork, beef, meat, sausages

Lack of vitamin B6 leads to depression

roast beef
Researchers at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (USA) have tested B6 levels in patients with depression and found that they & absolutely all! [..]

Onion soup

roast beef
Onion soup is suitable for cool evenings. In combination with Parmesan, the soup has a tasty taste. For this soup you can use any type of bread you want. Parmesan can also be replaced with goat cheese [..] Other information about: soup, onion, bread, parmesan

Filet mignon, an exquisite recipe easy to prepare

roast beef
Filet Mignon. Although it may seem like a sophisticated dish, it can be easily cooked by anyone. You only need a few ingredients and in less than 15 minutes you will get a tasty and at the same time dietary menu. [..] Other information about: filet mignon, quick recipes, diet recipes, beef, filet mignon recipes, beef recipe

The French, curious to taste horse meat following the scandal in Romania

roast beef
Recent problems in Romania regarding the sale of horse meat labeled as beef have aroused the curiosity of the French. The consumption of horse meat has increased a lot lately in France, says the Minister of Agriculture, Daniel Constantin. [..] Other information about: consumption, products, france, trade, beef, horse meat

How to prepare an original bite

roast beef
Originally, musacaua is a Greek dish, in which mutton is added, mixed with eggplant. But over time the recipe gained other elements: sheep meat was replaced with beef and sometimes a mixture of beef and pork, which came in combination with potatoes, as an alternate [..] Other information about: nutmeg, Greek food, eggplant, minced meat

The South Korean government resigned this morning

roast beef
The South Korean government resigned this morning, Yonhap news agency reported, quoted by France Presse. The Seoul executive made this decision following a wave of protests [..]

December 1 recipe: baked sarmale

roast beef
Baked sarmales are an indispensable dish on the table in the winter season, and the day of December 1 is the first opportunity to enjoy this dish. [..] Other information about: rice vegetables, cabbage, eggs, sarmale, December 1, ham, meat, December 1 recipes

How to avoid Easter food poisoning

roast beef
As the Easter holidays are fast approaching and you are waiting for a few days with hearty meals, the last thing you want is to run into a food poisoning that will send you directly to the hospital bed. Therefore, take into account the following tips to avoid contamination with bacteria and parasites that could hide in improperly cooked food. Here's what to do and how to cook food to avoid food poisoning. [..] Other information about: lamb, steak, eggs, ham, sheep, pasta expert, Dr. Monica Jugravu: Beware of excesses of Easter!

roast beef
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Meat and vegetable soup for autumn

roast beef
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Listen here to the song "Que Sera, Sera", the new Havana single

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Firefighter's sauce

roast beef
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How to marinate lamb with yogurt

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Quickly fix cooking mistakes

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Gluten-free diet, provided by VitaMIX

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Find out which bands will perform at the Bicycle Music Festival

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Menu of Saint Basil

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Viziru played golf with his ex-girlfriend's wedding nose

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Bruce Willis parodies Lady Gaga

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Iris, Cargo, Vita de Vie and The Other Words perform at ARTmania

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Fair of vintage culture and Romanian design at Sala Dalles

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Duck with cabbage

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Fabulous soup with ravioli and turkey

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How to prepare the best little ones for the December 1st barbecue

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Fresh turkey leg in brown beer in the oven

At the end of 2014, in that period between St. Nicholas and St. John, when ovens such as Tariceanu's economy were roaring before we were hit by that crisis that could not affect us, we were preparing something similar. Then I had a turkey something more petite, christened by “baby turkey” supermarkets, and I used to steak whole thighs and wings, with skin and bone.

This time I only had chest and thighs from a slightly larger turkey, ready sliced, skinned and deboned. To supplement the flavor given by the meat cooked on the bone, as well as the crunchiness of the browned skin, I went a little to the ingredients and the procedure. Not too much, just here and there, through the essential points.

It happened that the preparation of the steak coincided with Christmas 2016, so we used slightly larger quantities to satisfy the 12 people present at the table.

What do you need?

For the steak itself:

  • 2 kg of turkey leg, without skin, without bone (about 4 large pieces, ½ kg each - essential specification for those who did not give the bacon to mate)
  • 1 kg pork sausage: thick, made from pieces of meat cut with a sausage (not ground), well smoked
  • 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil (if you are in Italy and can't find it, you can use olio di oliva with confidence)
  • 2 heads of garlic (try not to be Made in China)
  • 750 mL (500 + 250) brown beer: with a lot of caramel and relatively a lot of alcohol (7% v / v) & # 8211 my recommendation: Silva
  • 2.5 L of water
  • ½ cup of sea salt (about 75 - 100 g), coarse (it can also be iodine - so as not to cause hypothyroidism)
  • 3-4 tablespoons of honey
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 20 - 30 green peppercorns
  • 20 to 30 red peppercorns
  • 1-2 sprigs of green rosemary
  • 1 - 2 sprigs of thyme.

For the meat glazing sauce (not the sausages):

  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar (I used a special one brought from Donald Trump Barack Obama, with a strong raspberry flavor)
  • 75 mL brown beer (also Silva).

How do you proceed?

In order to obtain a tender and juicy steak, the turkey meat must first be kept in brine. The more, the better. Here is the scientific argument for the need for the salting process (sorry, I didn't find another term).

If you use frozen meat, it would be good to defrost it in time, slowly (10 - 12 hours), at low temperatures (2 - 4 ˚ C). Not in the microwave (even if it has a defrost / defrost function), nor in water (either cold or hot). In the fridge or, when it's cold outside (I avoid saying winter, because winters aren't what they used to be), on the balcony (if you're living in a house with something like that).

When the meat is thawed, grab it and prepare the brine. Take a large pot (minimum 5 L), in which you put water, dissolve the salt and honey, then add the peppers and herbs. Put the pot on the fire and bring it to a boil.

Put the thawed meat in the hot brine and leave it there for 10 to 12 hours. Leave the brine meat dish in a cool place (you can also put it in the fridge, but only after the ingredients have cooled at least to the ambient temperature: 293 - 298 K).

After the osmosis process has sufficiently tenderized the meat, remove it from the brine, wipe it well with absorbent towels and place it in a large tray, previously greased with olive oil. Throw in the pan the garlic, unwrapped in the dogs, uncleaned, just lightly crushed with the side of the knife.

Pour half a liter of beer into the tray, cover the tray with aluminum foil, then put it in the preheated oven at 180 - 200 ˚C. From now on, you can rest for about two hours, as long as the fire in the oven is not extinguished. However, if I sit and think better, it would be advisable to turn the meat on the opposite side after 60 minutes.

After the time has elapsed, return the meat to its original position and add the sausages to the tray, cut into 5-7 cm long pieces. Pour the rest (250 mL) of beer into the pan.

Put the tray back in the oven, this time without the wrapper and leave it for another 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare your icing sauce by carefully mixing honey, balsamic vinegar and the 75 mL of brown beer.

We already have 2 ½ h (150 minutes) in which the steak has been in the oven. It has to stay for another 30-40 minutes, during which time we brush it with the icing sauce 2-3 times. We can also turn it from side to side, as well as sausages. We watch the liquid drop from the tray (don't be scared, the alcohol in the beer is long gone, so if you drink water next to the steak you can then get behind the wheel quietly). If it decreases menacingly and has a slight burning / smoking odor, either: 1) put more liquid in the tray (water / beer) b) stop the experiment.

We have reached the final apotheosis: the sausages are flavored (with the initial smoke and the added caramel), the meat can be cut with a fork, all we have to do is fill our plates.

This phase of filling the plates never worked for me: neither for Christmas, nor for New Year's Eve, nor for Easter. The steak came somewhere after many appetizers and many sarmale. For a few years now, I stopped giving the steak gasket, a gasket that invariably ended up in the Recycle Bin. So, the basic garnish was the excess polenta from the sarmale, possibly with a pickle bonus. Not the other way around, but pickles make the wine's drinkability increase exponentially, regardless of the wavelength of the visible radiation transmitted by it (in Romanian: it doesn't matter if it's white, rosé, red or black).

Have fun and see you healthy again!

As we can see, the calorie difference between some veal chicken sarmales and some turkey sarmales is quite large & # 8211 about 40 calories / 100g! They are also fuller of carbohydrates and the number of proteins is about the same.

However, we know very well that during the winter holidays, when we cut the pig, a good part of it reaches the sarmalute. So, let's see how many calories pork chops contain.

Video: Sarmale in foi de varza. Sarmale pas cu pas. JamilaCuisine (January 2022).